AstralNodes is a new Cheap and Affordable Game Server Provider. Our goal is to Provide Cheap High Quality Servers, Easy to use Panel and Good Support.

We thank all our Clients, Partners and Members overall for all the support and courage you guys give us to keep AstralNodes going.

AstralNodes was started in Early 2021 by a group of 3 Minecraft Server Owners who got scammed by Another Host.

AstralNodes Overview

AstralNodes is built with the goal of becoming the Best Game Server Provider WorldWide. We partner with a variety of world-famous Youtubers, Networks and Communites for them to share the experience with you.

Hardware : All your Servers run on Ryzen 7 5800x and i9 9900x (This can be updated at anytime)

Let Us Help You Grow

We never compromise on the pillars of our service

99% Uptime Guaranteed

Our services have a 99% Uptime Guarantee So no more worrying about Downtimes.

DDOS Protection

One of the Most Powerful Anti-DDos Service to prevent our Clients from getting DDosed

Money-back Guarantee

We offer a 24Hrs Money Back Guarantee to services above 10GB. If you want a refund for a plan less than 10GB. You need a good explanation

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: hit up our experts at any time.